Saturday, May 30, 2015

Cirque Colors Poolside Pop-In Collection | Nordstrom Pop-In Exclusive!

Hey guys! YouTube was being really finicky with me, which was REALLY disappointing because this collection is gorgeous!
This is the new Cirque Colors Poolside Collection, which is part of Nordstrom's exclusive Pop-In collection designed by Olivia Kim. I was very excited to be again contacted by Annie for this collection, as they're such gorgeous colors, and her polishes are fantastic :)
I have a full video with live swatches and review, so check it out above!
These colors are exclusive to Nordstrom's website and the 8 locations below:
Make sure you go pick these babies up ASAP since they're limited edition!
Without further ado, here are the swatches:

Cabana Capri

Cabana Capri (sunlight)


Julep (sunlight)

Monte Carlo



Summer Soiree

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

LA Splash Smitten Lip Tint Mousse | Swatches, Review & First Impressions!

So you guys know (or maybe you don't but if you watch the video you'll know lol) that I've been looking for my favorite new matte lip paints. I LOVE the Coloured Raine ones but I also found out through Instagram and my friend Eshani that the LA Splash Smitten Lip Tint Mousse lip products were also supposed to be fantastic so I picked up a bunch.
I picked up the red, because you know I love a red lip, but also picked up some other colors.
I go all into it in the video, so check it out!
Here are the swatches and comparisons - I compared Lime Crime's Red Velvet Velvetine (which is actually not as opaque as either of the other ones in this post), Coloured Raine Vanity Rain, and LA Splash Inflamed so you guys could see how they compare.

LA Splash Inflamed

 LA Splash Inflamed vs. Lime Crime Red Velvet vs. Coloured Raine Vanity Raine

LA Splash Lovegood, Ravenclaw, Bellatrix, Sirius

LA Splash Lovegood

LA Splash Ravenclaw

LA Splash Bellatrix

LA Splash Sirius

Monday, May 18, 2015

Zoya Nail Polish Haul! | Lo, Layla, Ali, Cola, Burke, Irene

If you guys watched my other video, you'll know that I ordered some of the Summer 2015 collection from Zoya. But, when I ordered those, I also ordered some of their permanent line colors! After Lindsay raved about some of their pinks, I knew I wanted to pick some of them up. Then, I guess Zoya sends "gift packs" of 3 polishes for orders (although I don't know the details of that, so I can't tell you for sure what happens or what you need to purchase in order for that to happen...) so I ended up with 3 more colors!
I talk about it more in the video (above :D), so without further ado, here are the swatches!

Zoya Lo

Zoya Layla

Zoya Ali

Zoya Cola

Zoya Burke

Zoya Irene

Friday, May 15, 2015

Zoya Island Fun & Paradise Sun Collections | Summer 2015

Hey everyone!
Guess what?!
I'm graduating college in a week from today :) So, after that, presumably I'll have more time for updating my blog.
I haven't had to post swatches here in a while (Or at least, I haven't remembered in a timely manner to post swatches here in a while) so it feels nice to get back into it :D
Today I have the new Zoya Summer 2015 colors from the Island Fun and Paradise Sun collections. Zoya released two collections with 6 polishes each for the summer, in their standard release pattern of one collection of cremes and one collection of shimmers.
Now, I was particularly interested because the color scheme of the shimmers reminded me of my all time favorite Zoya collection, the Sparkle collection. 
I picked up 4 of the shimmers and 2 of the cremes to show you. They retail for $9 each or you can get a pack of each collection for $54, which isn't a price break, and honestly is just convenient if you know you want the entire collection so you only have to add one item in your cart (instead of each polish individually). These are currently available on Zoya's website.
I go more into the colors, the formula and my impressions in my video above, so check it out :)
Here are the swatches though! I've included comparisons to corresponding Zoya Sparkle Collection colors, just as a reference point :)
Zoya Mae (left) vs. Alegra (right)

Zoya Mae vs. Alegra (ring finger)

Zoya Isa (left) vs. Mimi (right)

Zoya Isa vs. Mimi (ring finger)

Zoya Oceane (left) vs. Charla (right)

 Zoya Oceane vs. Charla (ring finger)

Zoya Selene (left) vs. Ivanka (right)

Zoya Selene vs. Ivanka (ring finger)

Zoya Selene (look at the shimmer!)

Zoya Cecelia

Zoya Talia